Special Event Operations

Opening or Reopening of a Venue, Commercial Center, Hospital, Airport & More

Having opened, designed or redesigned more than seventy-five professional sports venues, Parking Whisperer is a great option to optimize your current operation, redesign your current operation, or provide the very best and most efficient operation possible. The initial operational consulting meeting is always free, and the results are guaranteed or the consulting work is free.

Operational Consulting

In each instance that Parking Whisperer has been brought into an existing operation, an initial consulting contract has led to a multi-year operational agreement. In fact, each location that Parking Whisperer founder John Oglesby opened as an independent or parking operator SVP, if still open, is under the same operator, and in most cases uses the same core team that John created and developed. Given the first of these opened in 1995, that is almost twenty-five years performance in a very competitive industry with the highest of standards.


Parking Technologies Assessment

With ten years experience as a CEO leading on and off-street parking technologies, including mobile payment, the Parking Whisperer will increase your utilization, reduce your capital expenses, and provide you an unbiased recommendation to initiate, update, or replace your on and off-street equipment. The Whisperer has been and continues to be instrumental in a number of technology start-ups, offering a unique perspective and opportunity.

We Can Help

Enjoy the best design and function combined together

Built on a thirty-five-year career in parking operations, transportation, and technology, the Parking Whisperer is dedicated to the idea that although parking can seem very simple, (how hard can it be?), it is actually an industry that offers innovation and options that can, in fact, be overwhelming.

The Whisperer provides a quiet, even invisible, solution to the industry across all types and needs, with proven results, tactics, and a long list of satisfied customers. This consultancy is a value-priced alternative to massive cookie-cutter parking studies or work by organizations understandably interested in selling you a product or service, rather than a comprehensive solution.

We do work with a variety of providers and offer perhaps the industry’s only money-back guarantee.