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Why Are Good Parking Operations Important?

Parking is your customer/fan/guest/client’s first and last impression. Parking is one of those industries that seems infinitely simpler than it is. The most common statements about parking (besides most people disliking paying for parking) is: Parking, how hard can that be?

The answer is evident in the $66 billion industry, and the thriving industry that it supports. The Parking Whisperer has been created to provide no nonsense solutions to the smallest or largest parking questions.

Why should I hire a Parking Whisperer?

Any entity that is interested in increasing net revenue (profit), improving customer service, or both can benefit from the Whisperer. This has been proven and is appropriate in any type of parking installation, paid or free, and with or without an operator. A fresh perspective from an industry veteran known for creativity, proven results, and innovative solutions is a great chance to “tune-up” your operation.

Should I hire the Whisperer if I have an operator?

Yes. Unlike auditors, competing operators, or other consultants, a Whisperer consultation is not designed to catch someone doing something wrong.

Instead, the Parking Whisperer will find ways to objectively improve the operation, procedures, and methodology. In many cases, the Whisperer's solution reinforces the current operation while providing affirmation or adjustments that create synergy and enhanced results.

Should I hire the Whisperer if I don't have an operator?

Yes. In-house or uncontrolled operations can benefit dramatically from a Whisperer consultation. The Whisperer can quickly review the current operation, identify the needs of the location, and if appropriate manage an operator hiring. The Whisperer report finds ways to objectively improve the operation, the procedures, the methodology, and in many cases gently tweak the current operation. Objectively confirming the need (or lack thereof) for an operator can be a valuable confirmation to an owner, property manager or association.

How much does a Parking Whisperer consultation cost?

The initial consultation conversation or meeting occurs at no cost. If an on-site visit is the next step, minimal expense reimbursement (if travel is needed) is the only expense, and the price is agreed upon in advance. If a full engagement occurs, the total cost of the site visit is included in the consulting agreement. At the need of the consulting project, if the Whisperer has not generated sufficient action items and enhancements to at least cover the cost of the engagement (twice over minimum), the consulting fee is waived in its entirety.

What sort of results can the Parking Whisperer deliver to my operation?

Previous consultation projects have consistently resulted in:
  • Double-digit net operating improvements without rate increases
  • Significant net revenue improvements through recalibrated rates, new rates, improved operations, technology implementation
  • Major customer service (fan, guest, visitor, or employee) improvements using traditional surveys and customer programs
  • Significant gross revenue improvement in concession sales due to dramatically reduced loading times
  • Loyalty program integrations, enhanced signage/wayfinding, improved relationships with municipalities, neighborhoods, and businesses
  • Renegotiated operation agreements, creation of a Request for Proposals leading to selection of an operator
  • Data gathering utilizing technology as well as old school techniques and the value of the data
  • New technologies and or elimination of outdated or ineffective equipment
  • Transportation integrations with ride sharing, traditional taxi and limo, transit, and other user groups
  • Referrals and reengagement through affiliations, leagues, associations and social media

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